These times call for us to take care of our body more on the inside than the outside. Matter of fact, there’s an increase in the number of supplements that a person takes right now to boost their body’s immunity. It is the best defense in protecting ourselves from getting sick given the situation we are in now. 

But did you know that there are vitamins that help with existing skin conditions like Chloasma, or commonly known as Melasma? If you notice certain patches on your face and body, this is likely a Melasma of the skin. Most women of color are likely predisposed to this. And if you were recently pregnant, you will notice that there are certain dark patches that won’t go away easily.

Great news though, if you have been taking certain supplements and eating balanced meals with fruits and vegetables, you are helping to stave off Melasma and lightening your body naturally!

Here is a list of vitamins for Melasma treatment.

Vitamin C

Not only does this power vitamin boost immunity, but it is also a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals. It is a well-known tyrosinase inhibitor that blocks melanin overproduction that is beneficial in treating skin pigmentation brought about by Melasma.

Vitamin E

If you grew up in the 90’s you must have seen your mom prick a vitamin E capsule and used its oil as a moisturizer or serum. That’s because vitamin E, taken either orally or topically, helps revive UV skin damages. It’s equally a powerful anti-oxidant and when paired with Vitamin C has been proven to have skin lightening results. It is an effective skin moisturizer that evens out the texture of the skin, something you can benefit from if you also have skin pigmentation.

Vitamin A

A popular skincare ingredient, Vitamin A, or famously called Retinol, is a molecule that helps revive damaged cells in the body. It’s been known to reverse fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damages. You will likely see this as a skin treatment for acne. Vitamin A is the main ingredient that helps with skin lightening that can be good for those with Melasma. 

A warning though, Vitamin A can be toxic if taken in higher dosages and is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. However, Vitamin A derivatives like Beta Carotene are known safe to use.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract or Procyanidin 

Sun damage is the main enemy when you’re treating Melasma. Staying away from the sun and applying sunscreen whenever you can at the right amounts are vital in helping your skin prevent this skin condition. But did you know that you can also find sun protection from French Maritime Pine Bark or Procyanidins? It is also an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits and sun protection benefits. Studies show that the combination of Procyanidin and Vitamin A, C, E helps with lightening skin pigmentation brought about by Melasma.

As we age, our cells slowly deteriorate, and given that we are exposed to free radicals from different environments and exposure to UV rays, our cells get attacked that can cause diseases and conditions like Melasma. Supplements from essential vitamins and minerals rich in antioxidants, taken in the proper dosage, help cell renewal, reduce inflammation, and even reverse skin damages.

Our body naturally produces these vitamins but given that our body is attacked with free radicals, we need a little help from our Vitamin buddies. We can find vitamins for melasma treatment in colorful fruits and vegetables, proteins like eggs, and liver. And thankfully, we can now get them in nifty little tablets and capsules for that needed vitamin boost!

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