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Birth Control and Melasma connection Birth Control: One of the Major Melasma Causes

Women, mothers in particular, are always in search for the best solutions to their health and beauty concerns — mainly on keeping their skin as youthful as possible. However, as their families continue to grow and with stress rapidly affecting their lifestyles, most moms turn to birth control medications to regulate their menstruation, control the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and lower their […]

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Dark Spots During Pregnancy Dark Spots During Pregnancy AKA Chloasma

There are numerous changes that happen to the body during pregnancy. One of which is the development of dark spots that are blotchy and pekas-like in appearance. These are called Chloasma, also known as mask of pregnancy. This affects a great number of expectant mothers and also breastfeeding ones. What You Need To Know About […]

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causes of melasma Different Causes of Melasma

Healthcare experts believe that many reasons can contribute to the existence of Melasma or the patches of dark or brown spots on the skin. Here are some of the different causes of Melasma: Over Sun Exposure Being in a tropical country, Filipinos are more susceptible to Melasma. Harmful UV rays from the sun can trigger […]

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