Healthcare experts believe that many reasons can contribute to the existence of Melasma or the patches of dark or brown spots on the skin. Here are some of the different causes of Melasma:

Over Sun Exposure

Being in a tropical country, Filipinos are more susceptible to Melasma. Harmful UV rays from the sun can trigger over production of melanin in the skin, resulting into formation of the dark spots. 

Harmful Chemicals from Cosmetics 

Use of makeup, astringents, and beauty creams with harsh chemicals can also damage the skin. These chemicals triggers melanocytes (cells that produces melanin in the skin) to produce more melanin; thus, resulting into dark spots. 


Increase in estrogen levels during pregnancy also stimulates overproduction of melanin.  As a result, dark spots can develop during this period. You can read more about dark spots on pregnant women, also known as Chloasma, here

*Pynocare is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. 

Birth Control Pills 

Birth control pills cause changes in hormonal levels. This incidence also affects the melanin production in the body resulting into production of dark spots from inside to outside of the skin. 


Melasma is more common in darker skin types including Filipinos. Melasma can run in families and both man or woman can inherit it. 

There are different causes of Melasma, it is still best to consult your dermatologists to check the best treatment available for you. One of their recommendations may be the use of over-the-counter oral medications that can treat dark spots from within.  

PYNOCARE (Procyanidin + Ascorbic Acid + Betacarotene + d-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate)

The first and only oral medicine that is clinically proven to reduce Melasma or dark spots formation in just 8 weeks. Unlike creams, lotions and gels, it has MSCC or Melasma Skin Clear Complexion Complex formulation that deeply penetrates the inner layers of the skin to help normalize melanin levels, thus minimizing the appearance of dark spots in a short time.

Mega We Care

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