Melasma Treatment: Choose the Safe and Natural Way

Has anyone from your family suffered from Melasma? If yes, there is a big chance that you might develop it, too. Choose the safe and natural way for your melasma treatment.

Melasma are those brown or blue-gray patches that kind of look like freckleson the face. Though it is not hereditary, Melasma is more common in people with a family history of the condition. 

Contrary to popular belief, Melasma does not develop as one ages. Melasma is a common skin disorder that happens more often during women’s reproductive years (between 20 and 40 years old) and seldom occurs during puberty. 

Melasma makes one feel self-conscious

Melasma appears to be harmless. It may even fade after a few months. But there are cases that some people have had Melasma for years or even their entire lives. Too much sun exposure is one of the many triggers of Melasma. Other factors include taking birth control pills, pregnancy, and hormone therapy. Having thyroid disease and too much stress are also contributing causes of Melasma. 

Although Melasma is entirely harmless, it understandably makes people concerned feel conscious. Often, it hurts their self-esteem. It is for this reason that people suffering from Melasma often seek medical advice.

The Quest for Melasma Treatment

Although this skin disorder may disappear on its own (for those caused by pregnancy or birth control pills), there are still many Melasma Treatments one could choose from.

One of the most famous treatments is frequenting to an aesthetician and applying those creams directly to the discolored patches of skin. Unfortunately, as many would claim to see skin lightening, the dark spots would return after a few months of not using the cream. 

Others might opt for microdermabrasion, but many attest the procedure caused additional skin problems. It can also be a pretty expensive procedure, as it requires several sessions before results are seen.

pynocare safe and natural

There are also over-the-counter oral Melasma treatment medications like Pynocare, which can minimize the appearance of dark spots.

The wonders of Pynocare

Pynocare is the first and only oral medication clinically proven for Melasma treatment in just eight weeks.

This oral treatment has MSCC or Melasma Skin Clear Complexion Complex formulation, which deeply penetrates the inner layers of the skin and helps normalize melanin levels and minimize dark spots in a short time. This only means that Pynocare works from the inside of the body. Aside from that, it is natural and FDA-registered. In addition, it can be availed over-the-counter.

safe and natural pynocare

Pynocare is also safe to take even when one has no Melasma; as most experts say, prevention is better than cure. Taking Pynocare early will keep any pigmentation at bay. Plus, hear this! One extra benefit of long-term use of Pynocare is delaying the natural skin aging process. Don’t you like it for yourself? Choose the safe and natural way to #LetTheLightIn then. Choose Pynocare.

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PYNOCARE (Procyanidin + Ascorbic Acid + Betacarotene + d-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate)

The first and only oral medicine that is clinically proven to reduce Melasma or dark spots formation in just 8 weeks. Unlike creams, lotions, and gels, it has MSCC or Melasma Skin Clear Complexion Complex formulation that deeply penetrates the inner layers of the skin, to help normalize melanin levels, thus minimizing the appearance of dark spots in a short time.

Mega We Care

Mega Lifesciences Limited Inc. or Mega We Care, is actively involved in helping millions of people have access to safe, effective, world-class quality nutritional & herbal supplements, OTC, and ethical products.

22 Comments on Melasma Treatment: Choose the Safe and Natural Way

    Ma. Cyril Creer
    27 Oct 2021 6:52am

    Ang pagkakaroon po talaga ng Melasma ay nakapagdudulot ng pagbaba ng self-esteem . Kaya dapat itong aksyunan agad once na maexperience ito. Mabuti nalang at may PYNOCARE na makatutulong upang mawala ito at pwede ding inumin kahit walang Melasma to prevent it from happening ..

      16 Nov 2021 6:33am

      Hello, Ma. Cyril! You're correct. Pynocare can be taken as maintenance to prevent the occurrence of melasma. Thank you for advocating for Pynocare.

    Ma. Cyril Creer
    27 Oct 2021 6:55am

    My Aunt was suffering from Melasma but she's taking PYNOCARE that's why she's now Melasma-free and she's still taking it continuously because it has good benefits in her body . And she also recommended PYNOCARE to me even though I don't have Melasma in order for me to prevent it from happening ..

      16 Nov 2021 6:32am

      We are glad to hear about your story, Ma. Cyril! Thank you for showing love for Pynocare.

    Mitra Lyka
    27 Oct 2021 7:00am

    Bet ko rin po ma try ito kase kahit walang melasma eh pwede at mas younger looking pa ang skin. Lalo na po sa mga tulad ko na ilqng taon na lang eh nasa 30 na po.

      16 Nov 2021 6:31am

      Hello, Mitra! Thank you for showing interest in Pynocare. You can take one capsule daily to prevent melasma from occurring. This can be taken as a maintenance drug.

    Anna liza V. Dabasol
    1 Dec 2021 5:11am

    how to take pynocare?,is it three times a day?,is it to be taken after each meal or only during bedtime?

      9 Dec 2021 6:40am

      Based on clinical studies recommended dosage is 1 capsule 2x daily with meals continuously for at least 8 weeks. Thank you, Anna!

    Anna liza V. Dabasol
    1 Dec 2021 5:16am

    i want to try it available in the mercury pharmacy otc?

      9 Dec 2021 6:41am

      Hello, Anna! Pynocare costs P1,395 for box of 20 capsules. You may also purchase individual capsule at P69.75. It is available in all Mercury Drug, Watsons and in other leading drugstores nationwide. It is also available on Shopee and Lazada via the LifePlus store. Thank you!

    Jonalyn Asis
    19 Aug 2022 12:58pm

    Hello there ! Is Pynocare safe for those who is taking maintenance for hypertensive? Thank you so much.

      2 Sep 2022 6:27am

      Hello, Jonalyn! It’s an all-natural treatment that presents no side effects. In rare cases, it may cause some stomach upset. To prevent this, just take Pynocare after a full meal.

      Pynocare is approved and registered with the FDA. Studies have shown that Pynocare is safe for human consumption, 100% natural formulation without any added preservatives or chemicals, no accumulation of harmful residues from daily intake. Thank you!

      If you want to learn more about Pynocare and melasma, you can visit and

      To explore more about melasma and other skin conditions, visit

    11 Oct 2022 11:50am

    Saan makakabili yan?nasa HOngkong Po ako

      8 Nov 2022 7:36am

      Hello, Rochelle! Please be advised that Pynocare is only available in the following countries/territories:

      - Philippines
      - Indonesia
      - Malaysia
      - Sri Lanka
      - United Arab Emirates

      If you want to learn more about Pynocare and melasma, you can visit and

      To explore more about melasma and other skin conditions, visit

    15 Oct 2022 12:16am

    How many caps to take in a day?

      8 Nov 2022 7:37am

      Hello! The recommended dose for Pynocare is 1-2 capsules a day after a meal or as prescribed by your trusted Dermatologist. If your goal is to prevent melasma reoccurrence, you can take Pynocare once daily. However, if your plan is to treat it, we highly recommend that you take two capsules. To get good results, it is best to consult a Dermatologist for individualized treatment plan.

      To know consult about your skin condition, visit to find the nearest dermatologist. You may also learn more about melasma from this site.

      If you want to learn more about Pynocare as clinically proven solution for melasma, you can visit

    19 Oct 2022 4:17pm

    Is this safe for lactating moms?

      8 Nov 2022 7:38am

      Thank you for showing interest in Pynocare, Elynne. Although Pynocare is proven to be safe, as a general precaution, it should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

      If you want to learn more about Pynocare and melasma, you can visit and

      To explore more about melasma and other skin conditions, visit

    20 Dec 2023 10:54pm

    After taking pynocare for 8 weeks straight is melasma won't come back If I stop taking it?

      9 Jan 2024 2:21am

      Hello, Yrram! Please be advised that melasma is a recurring skin condition. Meaning, there is still a chance that it will come back after fading. In order to prevent this from happening, we highly suggest taking 1 capsule of Pynocare as a maintenance.

      If you want to learn more about Pynocare and melasma, you can visit and

      To explore more about melasma and other skin conditions, visit

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