They say that in our youth, beauty is the result of a blessing while as we grow into our maturity, beauty is the result of our efforts.

As we grow older, our bodies become less forgiving of the neglect and abuses that we subject it to.  The widening of our midsections and the appearance of wrinkles mark, not just the ravages of time, but also the way we have not taken care of ourselves.

This is especially true when it comes to dark spots in our face and neck area. Unsightly patches of skin with darker color than our actual skin make our overall skin tone look uneven, and ourselves look unkempt and unwell.

Causes of Melasma  

This condition is called melasma, a condition caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation (usually from sun exposure), an unbalanced diet, hormonal changes or the use of harsh cosmetics.  These factors fire up the melanocytes – cells in our skin that produce melanin or the dark pigment that brings about dark skin color – resulting to dark patches in our face and neck.

Melasma may also be triggered by the presence of free radicals in our system. These are oxygen-carrying molecules with an uneven number of electrons which enable them to react easily with other molecules, causing large chain reactions in our body.

While free radicals help in fighting off pathogens, too much activity from free radicals in our system can lead to oxidative stress, which also triggers melasma.

What we can do to treat melasma 

The bright spot in this situation is that while we may have brought melasma on ourselves, we are capable of taking steps towards countering its effects and even preventing its recurrence in the future.  It would take some thought and discipline as well as a clinically proven treatment for melasma on face, but when we see our resulting even and glowing skin, we’ll know that it’s well worth it.

  1. Protect against UV rays.  Knowing that exposure to UV light is the primary cause of skin damage, we would do well to safeguard our skin from exposure to it.  Staying indoors whenever possible and wearing sunscreen with a broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30 can go a long way towards countering the effects of sun damage to our skin.
  2. Don’t smoke.  Many components of tobacco products are oxidants and help increase free radicals in our systems.
  3. Avoid stress.  Aside from its impact on our mental health, stress is also associated with increased oxidant production and oxidative damage.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.  Sleep helps maintain the balance of our bodies’ systems which include regulating activities between free radicals and antioxidants.
  5. Eat a balanced diet.  Overeating may keep the body in a state of oxidative stress.  Moderately portioned meals eaten at appropriately spaced intervals will help prevent this, as well as the consumption of food that help the body produce antioxidants that counter free radical activity.  These types of food include fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts, as well as nutrients such as vitamins E and C.
  6. Consider undergoing a clinically proven treatment for melasma on face.  While topical creams, lotions and gels may seem easy to use and readily available, bear in mind that melasma is caused by factors inside our bodies so may need a solution that works from the inside out.  A long-term treatment for melasma on face that contains procyanidin, a super antioxidant with proven efficacy in protecting skin from the damaging free radicals, can help in eliminating dark spots and also in preventing their recurrence.

If we want to be rid of unsightly skin blemishes caused by melasma, some lifestyle changes are necessary.  With a healthier mind and body that accompany the blemish-free skin we are anticipating, surely such changes are well worth the sacrifice, wouldn’t you agree?

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