We often take for granted the biggest organ in our body, our skin. We tend to forget or overdo skin care routines that lead to compromising our skin further.

Here’s a list of common skincare mistakes we do to our face. 

1. Not removing makeup or washing the face before going to bed 

Sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no. It can make our skin look up to 8 years older, some studies say. Furthermore, the dirt can build up on our skin and may result to skin concerns.

2. Using the wrong products 

There are different skin types – dry, oily and combination. There are specific products to use according to one’s skin type. Those with oily skin are not advised to use products for dry skin or combination. Same goes with each of them.

Picture this out, for instance, you have dry skin, and you are using products for oily skin. The products for oily skin work to reduce the oil on the skin. Hence, you will make your face drier if you use it. It is important to know what type of skin we have and to use the correct products.

3. Harmful chemicals 

There are certain chemicals that are harmful to our skin. They can be found on skincare products, facial wash, and makeup, to name a few. This could result in skin breakout, dark spots, and other certain skin concerns. 

Nowadays, a number of brands in the market are going all natural and quite a number of people are patronizing them. 

4. The fast and easy way 

Another one common skincare mistakes is believing that that fast and easy way is the effective way.

Large groups of consumers nowadays go for “the fast easy way.” Fast and easy way to look younger, to remove pimples, to brighten the skin, etc.  

But often, this “fast and easy way” contains chemicals that can harm our skin in the long run. Some can even result in cancer. Yes, it offers the swift way to achieve what we are aiming for, but it can strip off our skin’s barrier which is a grid of skin cells in our outer skin that’s meant to protect us from UV rays, pollution, etc.

5. Skipping sunscreen 

Sunscreen has a vital role in protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun generates free radicals that increase the activity of melanocytes in skin. If that activity increases, there would be overproduction of melanin. Ultimately, the forming of melasma or the hyperpigmentation of skin. 

Dark spots, melasma or what we commonly known as “pekas” on the other hand, is prevalent to as much as 40% of women and 10% of men. This is prominent to Asians and Latinos as we are situated in countries with high UV exposure.

While this is unharmful, this can diminish our self-confidence one way or another. Thankfully, with the current technology we have today, there are certain treatments available in the market to help with the appearance or cure melasma. First off, there are topical medicines to apply on the skin. Results may start to appear for quite some time.

Dermatological procedures, on the other hand, may be expensive and require several sessions before results are seen.

There’s also oral treatment that’s more convenient, budget-friendly, and works from the inside of our bodies. One known, efficient, and effective product there is in the market is Pynocare. It is safe and convenient to take and has an efficacy rate of 85%.

It is natural, FDA registered, over-the-counter oral treatment. It contains Procyanidin (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract), Betacarotene (vitamin A), Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and d-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E).

From our list above, how many did you tick? How many common skincare mistakes have you been doing?

 ***Article submitted by: mommydiaries.co


PYNOCARE (Procyanidin + Ascorbic Acid + Betacarotene + d-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate)

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