Evaluation of the Efficacy of an anti-melasma oral supplement by self assessment questionnaires

Reference Product: Pynocare (containing MSCC Complex- Melasma Skin Clear Complexion Complex) 
Dr. Fabrice Perin, Spincontrol, Thailand July 2004


 22 healthy women aged 20-60, with melasma not having any used ​any treatments for the past 2 months   ​


subjects took oral supplement every day during all the study period ​of 12 weeks,  twice daily after meal; 1 capsule/time, in the morning  ​and in the evening with at least 6 hours between two capsules. ​


Efficacy rate of 85% in the reduction of the size and intensity of  ​melasma lesions​


PYNOCARE is effective and safe in the treatment of melasma

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