2019 - Pynocare
Dark Spots During Pregnancy Dark Spots During Pregnancy AKA Chloasma

There are numerous changes that happen to the body during pregnancy. One of which is the development of dark spots that are blotchy and pekas-like in appearance. These are called Chloasma, also known as mask of pregnancy. This affects a great number of expectant mothers and also breastfeeding ones. What You Need To Know About […]

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causes of melasma Different Causes of Melasma

Healthcare experts believe that many reasons can contribute to the existence of Melasma or the patches of dark or brown spots on the skin. Here are some of the different causes of Melasma: Over Sun Exposure Being in a tropical country, Filipinos are more susceptible to Melasma. Harmful UV rays from the sun can trigger […]

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dark spots on skin Dark Spots on Skin? It Could Be Melasma

Have you discovered any unusual of dark spots on your skin that weren’t there before? If yes, then you might have Melasma. Most people tend to ignore these spots. However, if left untreated, these dark spots can worsen over time. What exactly is Melasma? Melasma is a skin problem that causes the formation of map-like […]

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