September 2021 - Pynocare
treat melasma from the inside How to Cure Melasma from the Inside

Melasma is a common skin problem that affects a lot of individuals due to various factors such as hormones, poor lifestyle habits and more commonly, sun exposure. However, not a lot of individuals are aware that they have Melasma and would oftentimes confuse it with hyperpigmentation that’s why they would try to treat it externally […]

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difference between melasma and hyperpigmentation Melasma vs Hyperpigmentation: Know the Difference! 

Do you have unwanted discoloration, dark spots or darkened areas on your face and body? And are you aware what they are called and what caused them? If you are experiencing this and you just don’t know what they are, it is best that we discuss melasma vs. hyperpigmentation because most of the time, we […]

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ways to remove dark spots Dark Spots Remover for Face

Having several skin issues always lead to the big problem – DARK SPOTS! There are many factors why dark spots appear on the face: underlying skin issues, sun exposure, acquired through lifestyle, through aging and using products with harsh ingredients. You’re wondering what is the BEST solution to remove dark spots on the face, keep reading to […]

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